金矢留学 20th Anniversary

阿伯丁大学 The continuity of Golden Arrow staff shows the real team spirit, I see greater knowledge and support available to ensure students are well advised and excellently treated.
阿斯顿大学 Not only do we collaborate on creating opportunities for Chinese students to come to the UK to Aston to study, but we've also had the benefit of talking about broader strategic developments, harnessing the experience of Golden Arrow Group in china.
伯明翰大学 Golden Arrow have established itself as one of the most reputable and professional education representatives in China. Working with Golden Arrow has been a real honor.
We wish Golden Arrow many more prosperous years to come, and we look forward to continuing working closely with you to help students throughout their exciting Study-in-UK journeys.   
By working with Golden Arrow and their skilled team, Bristol University has been able to recruit ever-growing numbers of highly qualified students to a wide range of our degree programmes.
Cardiff University and golden arrow have built a long standing and hugely successful relationship which has played a significant part in helping us grow into the global university Cardiff is today.
And we're enormously grateful for the work that Golden Arrow in recruiting students from China onto our full range programs. On this anniversary, I would just want to say that our collaboration between Cranfield and Golden Arrow goes beyond recruiting.  
伯明翰大学 Golden Arrow have established itself as one of the most reputable and professional education representatives in China. Working with Golden Arrow has been a real honor.
Happy 20th Anniversary from the University of Dundee, It is always a great pleasure to work with colleagues at Golden Arrow.
埃塞克斯大学 We have enjoyed a successful collaboration with Golden Arrow for over a decade, and have always been impressed with your company, and the care and attention you invest in the applicants who join our Essex family.
We’ve worked with Golden Arrow for nineteen of your twenty years, and we celebrate our long history of working together. Countless friendships, careers, and cultural exchanges have been forged thanks to our students that come to us through Golden Arrow.  

Golden Arrow as a long-time partner of the university, it has been our pleasure to work with such a professional and enthusiastic team over the years. Our relationship with Golden Arrow has played a key role in the university’s success in China.   
Golden Arrow are a trusted partner for Goldsmiths and have helped us deliver a major increase in student recruitment from China. As distance tests a horse’s strength, so does time reveal a person’s real character
The University of Kent has been working with Golden Arrow since 2006. Partnership and trust has been built through the journey we have had together.
Golden Arrow were the first ever overseas study abroad agency with whom King’s College London established a formal agreement, and continue to be our highest performing partner representative.
Golden Arrow is a key university partner we greatly appreciate and value your dedication to our successful partnership.   
金矢集团一直是利兹大学的重要合作伙伴, 为利兹大学输送并支持大批优秀的中国学生,到利兹大学学习本科和研究生课程。

Congratulations on Golden Arrow’s twentieth birthday. And of course it goes without saying Loughborough looks forward to working with Golden Arrow for the next twenty years.
We are grateful to the network of Golden Arrow counselors who provide a professional service to those students who are interested in studying at the University of Manchester.
Golden Arrow have been a longstanding and valued partner of MMU. They have always provided an outstanding level of service to our University and students.  
Indeed, Golden Arrow are regularly one of Queen Mary’s top performing representatives from around the world
I believe students choose Golden Arrow because of the service they receive from initial enquiry and application right through to post-enrolment. From our point of view, this means we have someone we trust to look after the students before they begin their journey with us.
Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working with Golden Arrow Group on behalf of multiple UK institutions and the standards have always been remarkably high.
It has been an honor for us to work with Golden Arrow and we value highly the partnership that we have.
Golden Arrow has always been very supportive of Queen's and has been one of our top performing agents in china in recent years. Golden Arrow is one of the most experienced and professional overseas education advisers in china and we have always found a great pleasure working with them.
On a personal level it’s a real pleasure to work with Tony and Gaoning and they have become much more than business partners to me.
I truly appreciate the level of the service Golden Arrow has been able to deliver to our University's recruitment work.

I cannot tell you how delighed I am that Golden Arrow is one of our core partners at University of Sussex.
The consistent professionalism, innovation and diligence your team shows is evidenced by the fact the University of Stirling and Golden Arrow partnership has gone from strength-to-strength each year.
For over 7 years, Golden Arrow, one of our longest standing referrers in China, has helped us by creating a bridge for Chinese students to come and study at UCL.
Golden Arrow is highly regarded throughout the UK education sector as a successful and innovative organisation with a commitment to professionalism and this is surely testament to your many years of valuable experience.



Dear Golden Arrow

Many congratulations on your 20th birthday from all at SOAS. From a personal perspective, it’s both amazing and slightly scary to think that the IFCELS Department (and I) have been working with you for all but one of those years.   Golden Arrow was our first “serious” agent in China.

Over those 19 years I reckon I have visited 8 different offices, made 100 branch visits in total and briefed dozens of consultants, some of them on multiple occasions (thank you for your patience). At different times and in different places I have been greeted with open arms, in stunned silence and even by managers locking themselves in their offices.

So many memories. Pick one. My first visit to the Kunshan HQ. Arriving at the local Metro station in a snowstorm and with the streets flooded, water pouring into my shoes. You’ll easily get a taxi said Tony Ji. Not in that weather. Only the vultures with their illegal cars were left, circling the lost foreigner. Swallow pride, call Tony. Just as they are closing in, a gleaming Jaguar emerges from the blizzard with our hero TJ at the wheel and whisks me off to safety.

Tony will probably want to revisit   my locally procured haircut when I was living in Beijing (think square top – inspired the teenage Kim Jong Un) which caused such hilarity among the sophisticated Shanghai elite. Humiliated, on my next visit to Shanghai, I had my hair cut there.   Fortunately no photographic evidence exists …or at least if it does, Tony doesn’t have access to it.

I would like to thank Tony Ji and the many managers – Jay, Gaoning, Sophie and Danny in particular - who have supported and promoted our Foundation and Pre-master’s programmes for almost two decades. And also to the consultants who have recommended our programmes and sent us applications, even though we do sometimes reject them.

Here’s wishing you another two decades of success. May your shaft shine on and your aim be true.

Twenty years in business is a tremendous milestone and, at UEA, we feel privileged to have shared many of those years with you.  We very much appreciate your support for UEA and the excellent service you offer to our students.